We live in exciting times where our world has never been more digitally connected and with the ever increasing number of internet-capable devices in our home or business, the need for a high-speed broadband connection to support their usage is essential. With devices such as notebooks or tablets, smart TVs and media players, coupled with fibre broadband, the world is literally at your fingertips.

To get connected, you will need a fibre line to your premises, a fibre modem or router and an active fibre service.


Uncapped Fibre Combo Packages

Openserve: 40/40 Mbps R845
Openserve: 75/50 Mbps R1000
Openserve: 150/75 Mbps R1250
Openserve: 300/150 Mbps R1500
Openserve: 500/250 Mbps R1755
Frogfoot: 40/40 Mbps R880
Frogfoot: 80/80 Mbps R1100
Frogfoot: 150/150 Mbps R1275
Frogfoot: 250/250 Mbps R1400
Frogfoot: 500/500 Mbps R1725
Vodacom: 20/10 Mbps R745
Vodacom: 20/20 Mbps R880
Vodacom: 50/25 Mbps R1000
Vodacom: 50/50 Mbps R1120
Vodacom: 100/100 Mbps R1245
Vodacom: 200/200 Mbps R1350
Vumatel: 50/50 Mbps R925
Vumatel: 100/100 Mbps R1235
Vumatel: 200/200 Mbps R1325
Vumatel: 1000/250 Mbps R1900


Areas Covered

Fibre infrastructure is being rolled out weekly in Zululand. Please send an enquiry with your physical address so we can check the maps.

We can supply fibre internet all over South Africa, and have a focus on Empangeni, Richards Bay and Mtunzini.